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SANS Internet Storm Center – "Malicious" Websites


“Malicious” Websites

Published: 2007-11-10,
Last Updated: 2007-11-10 21:26:57 UTC
by Koon Yaw Tan (Version: 1)

Previously, we often warn people from visiting unknown/suspicious websites as they could contain malicious content. But nowadays, even visiting known websites, you could be affected. It was reported that the India Times website contains hundreds of malicious files that could infected those visit the website.
Legitimate websites containing malicious content is not something new as it has already happened a couple of times. Web administrators must be prudent to ensure their websites are properly secure. Hackers are now clever enough not to deface your websites to alert you but rather plant malicious content on them and wait for victims. Periodically running a vulnerability scan on your web systems is necessary to avoid known holes. Let us know if you have other good tips for the web admin.

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