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SANS Internet Storm Center – "Malicious" Websites


“Malicious” Websites

Published: 2007-11-10,
Last Updated: 2007-11-10 21:26:57 UTC
by Koon Yaw Tan (Version: 1)

Previously, we often warn people from visiting unknown/suspicious websites as they could contain malicious content. But nowadays, even visiting known websites, you could be affected. It was reported that the India Times website contains hundreds of malicious files that could infected those visit the website.
Legitimate websites containing malicious content is not something new as it has already happened a couple of times. Web administrators must be prudent to ensure their websites are properly secure. Hackers are now clever enough not to deface your websites to alert you but rather plant malicious content on them and wait for victims. Periodically running a vulnerability scan on your web systems is necessary to avoid known holes. Let us know if you have other good tips for the web admin.

SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security Community – Internet Security – isc


November 11, 2007 - Posted by | Security News


  1. I’m using both NOD32 and
    Satisfied by their cooperation

    Comment by ncest | January 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. I think Browser like mozilla and chrome detect if the site is a attacking site. Which helps us to stop viewing the site. This is for the users. For admins they ought to know tricks to keep their files secure as possible as not leaving the chmod of files open using high security password and encryption(SSL).

    Comment by nirose | May 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] more from the original source: SANS Internet Storm Center – "Malicious" Websites Category : […]

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  4. As internet users being vigilant with websites we visit is a must because at the end we are also the one to suffer the consequence. An antivirus firewall software   will also help to protect us online.

    Comment by paulette | November 30, 2009 | Reply

  5. i agree

    Comment by ptbjm | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  6. From my experience, Kaspersky Antivirus has been great at detecting sites that are a potential security threat.

    Comment by antivirusdude | May 1, 2010 | Reply

  7. I’ve seen virus’ trick users into clicking cancel or close to install, or install unattended. I’ve also seen a rash of new viruses originating from ads and games on Facebook, and the porn alternatives to youtube. I’m currently recommending Microsoft’s Security Essentials for free basic anti-virus protection, and Trend Micro for premium subscription based security suites.

    Comment by geekeasycomputers | August 3, 2010 | Reply

  8. Injecting virus and trojans on legitimate websites are now the trend for cyber criminals activity. My site has been injection with Trojan shell before without me knowing it, until Google put the virus warning alerts on its search result of my site then i notice something has been wrong.

    Nowadays you can search on Google and find this tag “This site may harm your computer” on its search result. Something must be wrong with the site.

    Comment by Renew Antivirus Support | September 22, 2010 | Reply

  9. I have never used any anti-virus tool other then mcafee, i am using this from 8 years and i was never hacked..its truly great, anyways i just wanted to share my experience and hope people starting using this. I also appreciate your efforts in helping people with your articles..keep it on for ever!@Sara

    Comment by Andy Flower | June 19, 2011 | Reply

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    Comment by julia0345 | July 1, 2011 | Reply

  11. The following link is providing with BEST 5 Anti-virus for windows 7.; Must check it out, details are mentioned. Its very helpful.

    Comment by Apple Sadra | July 20, 2011 | Reply

  12. I love ESET, but Thinking BitDefender or Bulldog… is suposed to be comparing these products soon. Can’t wait to see which one they reconmend

    Comment by Karl Smith | September 19, 2011 | Reply

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    Comment by Antivirus Software (@freeantivirus1) | October 14, 2011 | Reply

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    Comment by Ric Sharma | October 31, 2011 | Reply

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